American Horror Story Bloody Face Mask


American Horror Story Bloody Face Mask



American Horror Story, Halloween, Horror, Latex Masks, Bloody Face Mask.

American Horror Story Asylum, Bloody Face Halloween Mask.

Bloody Face is a serial killer identity that began a reign of terror in the early ’60s and continues with his horrors throughout Asylum.

This amazing replica was sculpted by Justin Mabry based on numerous pictures we collected of the actual on-screen mask used.

Don’t miss your chance to scare the hell out of everyone this Halloween as Bloody Face from American Horror Story Asylum.


We sculpted the mask for screen accuracy, as a result the cuts on the side of the mask do not have the t-hole cuts like most masks do in the back at the end of the slit. So if you put on and take off the mask aggressively it will tear the mask, so be very careful when you put the mask on and off, do not pull hard on it. Alternatively, you can make the t-hole cut if you want using a paper hole puncher to minimize the risk of tearing.

Please take this warning seriously because the mask is not defective and if it tears, we will not be able to replace it, because this is not a defect.


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