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Transport yourself into a fantasy world of gypsies, medieval knights, princesses and monsters when you transform yourself at Costume Creations. From Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew of renegade shipmates, to the Ring Master and his circus performing lion tamers, acrobats and clowns, you’ll be able to become your favourite movie star, or your worst nightmare.

Whether you need a costume for a one-off party or event, or to get into character for a theatrical production, Costume Creations will have an outfit to suit your theme. They predominately cater for adults but they have a large variety of beautiful and fun children’s costumes for hire as well.



Bring the Knights of the Round Table back to life with our huge selection of medieval costumes. Become the powerful king of a feudal society and grant land to your noblemen and bishops. Collect taxes from the peasants, and provide protection to the serfs. Or maybe even be a victim of the plague, The Black Death. The medieval era also saw the introduction of the Crusaders and princesses in pointed hats, so there are many different characters you can become if your theme is based in this historical moment in time.



Frighten the socks of your friends and neighbours on the Sunshine Coast when you go trick-or-treating in one of our scary horror masks or Halloween costumes. Enter a post-apocalyptic world of shapeshifting monsters, evil clowns and unknown supernatural forces as you conjure up a character from your worst nightmare and make them a reality. From ware-wolves and zombies to the forces of black magic and witchcraft, Costume Creation will be able to help you mutate into the most terrifying, blood curdling spook next time Friday 13 roles around.



Cross the threshold into the realm of myth and legend by metamorphosing into your favourite super hero. We all know and love Superman and Wonderwoman, but every hero must also have a super-villain to face off against in a physical battle of incredible strength and superhuman capabilities. Become Loki, the Norse god of mischief and go into skirmish against your half-brother Thor, the god of Thunder. Or hire the scarred and twisted face of the Joker and prepare for your encounter with Batman. Join forces with the Jedi Knights, Flash Gordon, Wolverine, Iron Man or the Incredible Hulk, or even turn to the dark side by becoming Magneto or Lex Luther!



Roll up, roll up for the greatest show in town and in the centre of it all is the famous Ring Master. Join his team of lion tamers, acrobats and clowns and get ready for the circus to come to the Sunshine Coast. Create the wonder of the Big Top Tent at your next party when you get your entire group to hire their outfits from Costume Creations. Walk the tightrope or juggle flaming skittles, become a mysterious magician with a beautiful offsider, or simply don an afro wig and an oversized pair of boots and stick a red ball on your nose. Your imagination is your only limit when having a circus themed event.



The little ones will delight in being able to transform into their most loved characters from their imaginations and fantasies. From the famous Disney princesses, to the cowboys and Indians of the wild, wild west, they’ll delight in taking on the persona of the outfit they are wearing. Costume Creations can cater to the whims of the tiniest fairy, or even turn your child into their favourite animal. Make memories you will never forget by turning your children’s next photo shoot or birthday party into an extra magical one by hiring the perfect costume for the occasion.