Bring your business to life with a mascot!


Mascots create energy and fun - and can also help your business stay top of mind.


We have more than 30 years experience in tailoring mascots. Our tailored costume division is led by Robin Worship - who has decades of experience heading up wardrobe departments in entertainment venues, Australia's largest theme parks, movies and theatre productions.


Don't choose a cheap overseas version - scrimping on quality doesn't reflect well on your business.


Costume Creations by Robin is the only Australian company that make handmade muscle suits with each muscle hand-carved and the suits custom made.


Muscle suits are an accessory used within a costume - such as a superhero or villain to make the person seem very buff.

Our muscle suits, mascots and tailored costumes are shipped all over the world and have also been used in many film and stage productions throughout the years.