Special Effects Costume Creations by Robin

Our workshops introduce participants to a range of special effects concepts and provide opportunities for experimenting with different materials and techniques. Among them life casting, sculpting, mould making, prosthetic appliances, rubber and silicone casting, model making, sculpting techniques, multi-piece mould making, concept designing and more.

Combining hands-on activities with product and technique demonstrations, participants will use a range of materials including raw and polymer clays silicones, plaster, resin, latex and polyurethane.

  • All workshops are delivered under strict supervision within WH&S guidelines, PPE and MSDS.
  • Hand tools, teaching aides, materials and PPE are supplied.
  • All workshops include slide show presentations and hand-outs.
  • Our workshops provide participants with a clear insight into special effects techniques for movie and theatre purposes.
  • Participation is on application. To find out more please contact us.

Special Effects Make-Up

Duration: 3 hours

When you take part in our Introduction to Special Effects Makeup workshop, you will learn how to sculpt, mould and cast your own latex prosthetic appliance (bullet wound and scar) and apply your new found skills, including how to make fake blood.

Special Effects Foam Latex

Duration: 3 hours

Learn how to use foam latex to create masks and body parts. Develop specialised skills to build a career in the competitive film and performance industry.

Special Effects Props

Duration: 3 hours

Join our introductory workshop to learn how to create special effects hand props, rubber weapons using silicone and resin moulds. Cast safety weapons and props to make your own silicone mould and cast.

Face Casting & Body Moulding

Duration: ??? hours

A useful workshop for learning how to safely cast a mould from faces and for body part reproduction. These techniques are used for many purposes including special effect makeup, artwork, props and pyrotechnics. You’ll learn about facial moulding, limb and/or bust casting preparation, safety and casting, product sourcing and finishing techniques.